The editorial board of “Poznań Theological Studies” would like to prevent instances of “ghostwriting”, when someone substantially contributes to the writing of a publication but does not disclose his/her input as one of the authors, as well as instances of “guest authorship”, i.e. situations when the contribution of the author to the writing of the text was minor or none, but still he/she claims authorship. Therefore, authors of submitted texts are requested to disclose the actual input of particular authors to the creation of the publication. 

The editorial board of “Poznań Theological Studies” opposes all forms of dishonesty in scholarship and therefore requests the authors to submit materials which have not been published previously or have not been concurrently submitted for publication to other journals. In all cases of “ghostwriting” or “guest authorship” or other forms of scholarly dishonesty the editorial board reserves to itself the right to inform about such instances institutions where the authors are employed, scientific societies etc.